Issues With Youtube...
You may have heard that Youtube recently implemented a process of removing ads from videos which its automated system flags as being 'hateful' or of an 'extreme nature' and the system is obviously flawed as it continues to flag my videos and has been removing the ads.  Luckily it's only with the videos which I have uploaded recently and are waiting to go live, not those which are live already.

Until these issues are worked out I will not be able to post these videos so lets hope that Youtube can get their act together. 

Since the system was put in place, I've had roughly 20 or so videos which have had the ads removed, luckily I was able to reach out to Youtube and they corrected the issues with those videos.  Now, they don't seem to be so willing to do so as they are being swamped with complaints from other Youtubers like myself.

While I'm sure that everything will work out, this is certainly troubling. 

I will keep you all posted on the developments.

- Luke