Issues with the Patreon App
Just wanted to post a note that I'm aware that my posts with inline images don't appear correctly in the patreon app (ios or android). I contacted patreon about it and they said it's something they are aware of and has to do with the html editor still being in beta. For now viewing posts in your email alert or in a browser is the way to go. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Thank you for your support! Your name (or username) will appear on the Supporters page of Frame by Frame! You will have access to behind the scenes mini blogs I will post as I work on new Frame by Frame posts. You will also be able to access the password to view the FxF Faces blog!
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Yay! You will receive the previous set of rewards with the added bonus that your name/username will link to your blog/twitter/etc on the Supporter page. 
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