It all started with with breakfast, how did it end up like this?
I looked miserable. Sad. Lost. Yet here I was in a surrounding that was so beautiful, so elegant, and so warming that I was longing and pining for it before I had even left. I was due to begin a 36 hour trip back to my home in Boston, and yet I felt as if I was leaving my home. That delicious, hearty South African breakfast tasted bitter. I felt remorse for having to go home to my Dunkin Donuts.

"You look so sad my boy, whats wrong?"

Ever the sweetest woman in the world. Must be all that sweetener she puts in her coffee. Sigh. Might as well tell her.

"Mom, I hate my job."

"Oh, is it? Do you not like it there?"

" I mean I got to come to South Africa for a month, but I think I need to change something."

Extended conversation...I forgot exactly how we got to this point but thats when she asked those fateful words.

"So what is it that makes you happy?

"Mom...I like drinking."

"Because that's what every mom wants to hear. Her son, more than anything else in the world, loves drinking."

"No! Let me explain. I don't love drinking to get drunk, or to lose myself. I hate that. Have you seen me get drunk here? No. I enjoy good drinks, quality drinks, great beers, outstanding cocktails, and amazing wines. Especially that last part. Which is I guess why we are having breakfast at a winery. I love to drink, but I want to drink good stuff!"

"Expensive stuff?"

"God no! I don't have the money for that."

Idea! How can I get the money for that? I know! I'll write about it! Hi there! Welcome to my Patreon. If you have read this far you'll start to see that this is a pretty funny story about a mother who suspects her son has a drinking problem, but is relieved to hear that it is instead a business idea, only to be heartbroken by his execution of that idea is to become a writer.

So let me introduce you to our hero. Me! And our narrator. Also me! Share with me the story of how I took on big industry and won! Or how I spent my days drinking wine with friends. Or how I got to get a bunch of wine for free by being super cool to people and using my writing to their benefit.

Its an adventure, and I am not really sure what will happen, but its going to be a lot of fun! There will be wine reviews, awesome wineries, great stories, and all sorts of stuff. You can follow my business, Vynl, as it grows from a website to a marketplace for cool wineries, and the trials and tribulations of being part starving artist, and part starving tech entrepreneur.