It all started... with an idea!
Create a "survival kit" he said.

Something fun, just for you, to showcase who you are, what you're passionate about, and what you love doing!

Well... right there and then... 

I was stuck.

The first thoughts that ran through my mind:

What am I passionate about????

There are lots of things I liiikkkeeee.

but something I'm PASSIONATE about outside of WORK!

I instantly realised that my overarching passions are all [very closely] linked to what I do!!!

I thought that I was meant to pick something that wasn't "work"!

"Shit, I'm stumped!"

So I called a friend. 

Actually, I called a few,

and I roped in my family...

and I asked them about the things I'm passionate about... not the instant "creativity" or "thinking about business"... but I wanted the weird, the whacky, and the random things that they thought I was passionate about.

The list that came back...

// my family

// coffee + wine

// pashmina's + scarves [#becauseAccessories]

// cooking whole food [something I have started doing for my son - not quite sure I'd call it a passion just yet! ]

// stationery + notebooks

Ok... that's a good start.

and my idea for a survival kit for stationery addicts was born!