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Story: In the town of Derry, the local kids are disappearing one by one, leaving behind bloody remains. In a place known as “The Barrens”, a group of seven kids are united by their terrifying and strange encounters with an evil clown and their determination to kill It.

Likes : “We all float down here- come with me and you’ll float, too!” Wow- when I first heard they were doing a remake of the original “IT,” I was a little skeptical; recent reboots and remakes of other films haven’t been that great.

With this reboot of the tv mini-series that starred Tim Curry as the terrifying clown, I'm glad to say that this is very book accurate, which the tv series wasn't; this will please “IT” fans around the world. 

This version of Pennywise, played by the younger brother of Alex Skarsgård- the star of Tarzan-, Bill Skarsgård, is very dark. The influence from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” gives “IT” a psychological nightmare feel that makes it dark and creepy.

This works well with the brilliant acting from the child stars, who have stories of their own, giving them a reason to come together. This follows the original where, together, they are strong.

Another thing I noticed is that it doesn't quite follow the original “IT”. It adds something fresh and doesn't seem like you're watching the same film again, although it does have some elements, like the town bully from the original; but even they have a different feel. 

With Pennywise himself, it's all down to an attention to detail that makes this version darker than Tim Curry’s. I was impressed with Bill Skarsgård bringing a more sinister feel to the character. With his head slightly down, eyes looking up from underneath his brow, and a sinister smile, this version is better than Tim Curry’s, in my opinion.

Yes, I just said better- this version actually gives the film the psychological, creepy, play-with-your-mind theme that gives you shivers down your spine and gives it an edge, especially with the Japanese film-esque cinematography with the lighting and shadows. It really gives this film the feeling of immersion that draws you in.

As great as this film is, there is one element that, for me, lets the film down. This is because I've seen the original film and I know the story, but for someone that has never seen the original tv mini film, I think this will be frightening for them just the same.

What also gives this film a very hard core, creepy, psychological feel is It's lair- there was just something about it that added to Pennywise’s nature and was a great addition to the film. The original didn't really delve into that, which gave this film something new. 

So, if you are a fan of the original “IT”, I highly recommend this film, as it’s a great film adaptation of the book.   


  • My only complaint is that the film isn't as frightening as I had hoped it would be, but it does have a psychological creepiness to it which does give it some frightening elements. I feel this film should've had an 18 Cert (UK rating system) to go darker. I think the 15 Cert held the film’s darkness back a little.   


  • Brilliant adaptation from the book, dark physiological feel, Pennywise couldn't have been creeper. A must watch. 


  • 5 out of 5 for Entertainment / 9.3 out of 10 for adaptation