It Begins!
After many evenings of collaboration with the team, a few road trips, and several nights spent editing video in hotel rooms (yes, really), we're finally at the point where we're launching our campaign!

For us, this means implementing changes to the overall approach with our projects and carving out more time from our schedules to keep things running better than ever.  This campaign, no matter what the outcome, will result in an improved level of focus on what we enjoy working on, in our biggest effort to reach out towards our goals while keeping our fans informed about how we're doing, and what lies beyond.

Most of the rewards are good to go, but a few of them such as instant access to broadcasts after shows will need a little bit of development work on the side to be fully functional.  It just means more manual work in the meantime, but we'll get up to full speed throughout the month.

More is on the way soon.  Thanks for visiting!