Hello all! Whether you have been a long time listener and follower, or you just happened to stumble across us, we thank you for being here. Your support us what drives us, and we look forward to some amazing shows. Announcing we will begin what is the 3rd relaunch of TaryntheHype website, but the first launch of the TaryntheHype Patreon support. We will be stepping into the new age of videos, and more features than before. Our first show will be in the next week and we have quite a bit to discuss. Trust me when I say, get the ball rolling... We have tons more content planned then ever before. So stay tuned on Twitter @Tarynthehype and here on Patreon to not miss anything. If your not a Patron of ours, now is a good time to start. As always, thank you for your support -TarynTheHype
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