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Infotech Team : Beyond Rage & Betrayal is a silly game about senseless technical emergencies, ruthless office warfare and shameless watercooler flirtations. You will play one day in the troubling life of a bored wage-salve employed in the technical department of some nameless corporation... and turn it upside down with "help" from your collaegues. Born oh so many years ago thanks to a contest promoted by an italian gaming forum, this game went viral during the 2009 edition of InterNosCon. Then it mysteriously vanished only to reappear now, five years later! The text has been completely rewritten to achieve unprecedented clarity and immediacy, dropping from 13 clattered pages full of crap, down to the current sleek format that only sums up to 5 pages: - one page shows the cover - one page explains the rules - one page has three Scene cards - one page has the Mobbing and EndGame cards - one page offers two ID-Badges ready to print Designed for 2-6 participants. Zero-Prep. GM-less. Lasts about 1 hour for every 2-3 players. If you're one of the cool kids, you'll use tokens to play this game. This game is a five page, printer friendly, ready to cut-&-play PDF.