It could have been my music here... :)
I first talked to Nicolaus when Wyoming Wildscapes I were out, and for that project Nicolaus used a track from Ghost Collective. He was getting ready to finalize his W. Wildscapes II project and we made a deal that I'll do music for that part. He gave me very detailed instructions to follow. I tried and tried but ideas were not there.. He was out on the field recording these beautiful scenes and a few weeks before he was done with filming I told him that it's better if he asked someone else while there's still time because it's hard for me to create a piece by following specific rules. My creation is weird and as someone said it's like ''Throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks.'' :D You start with a few notes and build up more and more, never knowing what's around the corner. Maybe some producers come up with a whole idea in their head and have the power to transfer it to a track as they've imagined it. Have you ever tried that? :) I do have the ability to imagine an awesome track in my head but those ideas get lost as soon as you try to write them down. It's like you try to draw someone you know very well just by imagining their face, and the drawing ends up like you've imagined a Frankenstein (or as Mr. Bean's drawing of winslers mother). Anyways in the end, Ghost Collective did the music again and Wyoming Wildscapes II were a huge hit. 

Here's Nicolaus's FB page:

He's photo captions are fun to read too!