It is personal!
It has always been the most enjoyeable way for me to share my music... a few good people gathered in an intimate space, someone's lounge, or garden, to look each other in the eye, and listen to the melody and lyrics that has been written from the experiences along the journey. 

As an artist, a creator, assimilator of life's experiences, remixer of the emotions and thoughts that spring up from it all into music and media, these type of intimate gathering brings the most reward.  

Because music is personal! There is nothing more personal than it... the intimate flow of melody, the tone and timber of the voice that can not be emulated, the plucking by fingers in a way that is never quite like anyone else's way... 

I am pretty sure that this is how you like to enjoy music and art too, in a personal experience of sharing space and time, and immersion in the story told by the artist. Surely that is what has brought you here. While we might be on opposite ends of this Earth, we can share in the flow of art creation together, as if in the same room, or better yet, the same garden.

To this joyous realisation I dedicate this Patreon experience. Through your support as patrons I can continue making personal art, music and media, and share it in personal ways.

Let's journey together!