This is the poem I will read at my aunt's funeral in the next few days. This was written to honor her reclaiming of her Native American heritage and how it fit with her Catholic beliefs.

It is Sunset

Teresa Garcia


Behold Sunset and the bluff while

Sister Moon serenely rises.

Great Spirit deftly wields his paints

Changing Mother’s guises.

Do you hear his voice in the wind

Calling out your name?

Do you hear the pounding drum

Keeping the beat again?

Can you feel his gentle touch

Bringing down the night?

Do you see the sparkling stars

Gifting soft their light?

Follow now the good Red Road

Calling ever on his Name.

At the end you’ll find the Star Path

Leading to your place he’s lain.

Fear not ever the howling storm

Whipping and driving on.

Your eyes might not ever see Him,

But Great Spirit is not gone.

Walk straight and enjoy the beauty

Surrounding every blessed day.

You must linger here a while yet

But in my heart you stay.

Fear not the unseen paths I must go.

I have only gone to His home

Among the stars and the winds.

Just listen in your bones.

I must rest in the coming night

Where I will wait for you.

In some far distant warming sunrise

We will walk in the dew.

May you always walk in beauty

Whether stormy or calm.

Hear in your heart the call of Eagle

Let that Voice be your Balm.