We are stoked to announce that, at long last, the demo is publishable. Voices have been remastered, the music is all new, and the animation looks fantastic. And all this will be imminently in your hot little hands.

Tristian is in the last days of going through checklists (so many checklists) and packing their bags for Melbourne Games Week. If you're lucky enough to see them in the wild at GCAP, the WIG+ lunch, or at PAX, you'll be able to snag one of these:

We've had about 100 custom USBs made, and they'll be loaded up with a PC build of the demo, a pdf artbook with samples of our writing and behind-the-scenes concept art, and print quality portraits of our characters.

If you're not able to chase them down in Melbourne, we'll also be offering a limited number of USBs for backers at an upcoming $15 tier. While we'll eventually have the demo available for download from our site, these USBs will be the only way to get access to the artbook.

Also, you get a custom USB. We think they look pretty cool.

Keep your eyes peeled for Tristian throughout MIGW. They'll be the one with a blue rollator and a few dozen badges on her lanyard.