It Never Goes Smoothly

Once I'd published a dozen ebooks, I got a bit blase. 'Easy peasy!' I'd mutter as I deftly scooped up all the ingredients I needed and poured them into the magic soup pot of an ebook retailer.

Somehow I always forget the pain.

Something always happens. Somewhere. And when it comes to my DEAD(ish) books, that 'something' is usually a rejection for Smashwords' Premium distribution because... title case.

I'm totally banging my head on the desk right now.

I get where Smashwords support staff is coming from. They have a checklist to tick off, and one of those says 'Title is in title case, not all caps' ... or something of the sort. So they red-flag the ebook and kick it back to me. 


It'll be fine. I've argued the case for 4 damn DEAD(ish) books now (the first wasn't a problem; Premium distribution was a distant dream back in 2009). But oh gods I need to argue with another person who is, to be fair, only trying to do their job. And I need to do it soon. Can I just sleep instead?