It takes a pay the medical bills...
Initially, this was posted on FB, but I think it's important enough to put here, and it's also a grateful shoutout to you Patrons...

The economy has gotten so damaged that we 99% had to invent our own micro-economy.

Kickstarter for businesses. Patreon for artists (thank you for supporting my work!). GoFundMe for medical bills (even if you've only broken an arm and HAVE insurance, you're still looking at thousands of dollars out of pocket).

We work so many hours, for so little pay, that there is no room to breathe, no scratch left over at the end of the month to invest in our own larger dream, some downtime for projects that make our hearts sing.

We are told, "get more training, and work a little bit harder". I know brilliant people who have thousands of dollars in student loan debt and work three jobs. It's still not enough.

I wonder if the system is rigged to keep we masses exhausted and docile. Why do politicians make millions of dollars more than the school teachers molding our children's minds, or the firefighters risking their lives to pull us from burning buildings?

Something is very, very wrong.

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