Hi guys! Today I'm bringing an item wishlist with some things I really want and I need your help to get it.

- Arabian Dancer Eli outfit $100

This one was not on my list of plans for this year, but this costume is a dream, perfect in every single detail, and I always wanted to make a dancer cosplay, specially because my state has the perfect place for a photoshoot! 

- Red front lace wig $55

 Front laces tend to be more expensive then regular wigs, so I need to put a lot of money together to get one. And this red one is very special to me, because it can be useful for a bunch of costumes.

- Undine Asuna wig $23

I made a test as undine Asuna as I really liked it, but the wig was too thin, and I need a proper, styled wig for her.

- Star Guardian Lux wig $21

Star Guardian Lux is one of my dram costumes, but I don't intend to do it right now! It is a project for next year, but since Brazilian delivery of products is super slow, I'd love to get it as sooner as possible.

- Yellow blonde wig $16

I already ordered one but I actually received a light orange wig. :c And I need a 80cm one to make proper costumes for Minako (Sailor Moon) and Tuka (Gate), for example.

- Short orange wig $14

This one is for Rin (Love Live), but I also intend to use it for Misty (Pokemon). I made Misty with I wig I had, but it didn't have the right color and it was a bit too long.


You may have realized that some items are cheaper and some others are more expensive! If you want to help, you can give me the item itself or provide a donation of any amount to help me get some of them.

As you can see, I also don't have many donors right now, so I'd really apreciate if you helped me showing my work to people that you know! I'd be really, really thankful, from the deep bottom of my heart.

Thanks for your attention. <3

BONUS: Vaporeon plush - $17

First I wanted it just because I love Vaporeon, but I found a pokemon trainer version of Michiru (Sailor Moon) and she has one! So I'd highly appreciate if you help me get one. 

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