Hey there guys and gals! Wanted to talk to you about an upcoming feature for Halo: The Lost Keys, Items and Gear. So currently spartans start with a base of 1 of 25 approved armors (Found here- Sorry for the poor formatting currently http://halothelostkeysrp.wikia.com/wiki/Spartan) Marines and ODST have the stock standard armor they are issued in the game.

The items and gear system will allow you to obtain different suits (for spartans) and different armor pieces for the rest, think halo reach. These items will impact your gameplay, here is an example.

In an event you find a (heroic) BR (battle rifle) and somehow you claim it.
You will get a note on your wiki profile of the weapons, items and gear you have and GM's will take this into consideration when you are RPing events. Meaning if you have this upgraded BR you may have increased sight range, or a faster rate of fire or more impactful rounds.

This also applies to armor upgrades and thicker armor plates, or trophys to display in your dorm. These items will allow you to build the character you want, while also helping extend their life span. We welcome any comments questions or concerns on this before it hits the server.