Items shop for all factions and loans and deposits released!
 WARNING!!! : This is not the mortuary cult mechanic! Crafting is done trough the research tree. This is a workaround.

Click on the Technology Button. FIRST ITEM YOU CLICK IS THE ONE YOU PURCHASE! (for now)

Then select your usual technology back.

Even if you do the research by mistake it doesn't matter you click the button with the mouse and it gives you the item.

Unlimited uses. (I may add cooldowns at a later point I've got the scripting in place)

One item per turn. No matter how much you click the first item you select FIRST will be the one you buy.

Item price is in on the button and tech descripton. (e.g 3500 Rune of sanctuary)

When you click a tech button an event will take you the appropriate amount of money.

The item is given to your faction leader and you cold transfer it from him to your other characters.

Added LOANS and DEPOSITS mechanics for old world factions.
Only one loan is permited untill you pay up your current loan. Loan payment is deducted at the start of each turn if you have the amount required if you don't have the money the payment is delayed until the first turn when you have the cash.

You can have one deposit of each type active.

All feedback is welcome.
If you find a bug or a loophole please report it.

Items are faction specific for now. Please propose more items / costs.

Wood Elves
Dark Elves
High Elves - only banners for now.

Future plans for the time being:
1 Adding more items and balancing.
2 Adding cool downs for items maybe.
3. Adding rites and maybe hero/unit/army spawns.