It's 2017! Channel Revamp & Moving Forward!
Happy new year everyone!

It's the new year and the channel has gone through some changes and tweaks as we aim to be more 'legit' of a channel. In 2016, I shifted the channel to focus on 'Nostalgic PC Gaming' but Civilization VI also was a huge thing, so for 2017 we're getting a bit more specific with things.

Basically, the About page now says, "Nostalgic PC gaming from old to new! A channel about bringing back memories and exploring new games from an old gaming perspective. I cover games that are from 'The Great Nostalgic Period of Gaming'—1995 to 2002—or modern games that are reminiscent of them."

And I think that's really what I intend to do with the channel. Wording it right was tricky.


You may have noticed a few new things on the channel starting up or being revived, for example:

City-building Doctor - Where I take a user submitted city and fix it up

1 Minute Gaming News - News, Releases, and Events for the week compressed into a minute

Revamped Gamer Encounters - First impressions less than 2 hours of a new game

Abandonware Adventures - Continuing as usual but in a live format

More How To Content - One off guides and tutorials

2017 Top 10s - Like last year but a bit better

New Idea - Something I want to try

'Game Legacy' title pending - Where I compare 2 games that are at least over a decade apart and see how themes and mechanics have progressed through the ages. For example, Outpost 1 to Offworld Trading Company, or SimAnt to Empire of the Ants to Empire of the Undergrowth.

Finally... a new streaming schedule

So for about a year now I've been streaming twice a week on weekends. Starting in 2017, my new schedule is Mondays to Thursdays, 4 times a week, BUT each stream is a bit shorter. Streams now are often only 1 hour long but can go up to 2 hours long. This should allow for just more content overall coming to the channel and it's better for my sleep schedule. Here's the new stream times for your reference:

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday!

9PM GMT+8 (Malaysia) / 5AM Pacific Time (California) / 8AM Eastern Time (New York) / 1PM GMT (London)

On YouTube @

And that's it for the start of 2017! I think the channel is looking a bit more 'legit' at this point but it's still got a ways to go. Hopefully after a couple months things settle into the new formats and it all works out.

Either way, thanks for reading and hope you're having a great 2017 so far!

Bye for now!