It's 2018 - Lets hit the grind.
Hello everyone, thanks for sticking with me from October until now, I really deeply and fully appreciate it so very much.

Time for a project I think.

It's the 3rd of January today, in pretty much every timezone. By the end of this month I want Gears Vol. 2 done and released.

Listen to Gears Vol. 1 here:

Ambitious I know, but I need something to give me executive function back.

I've been struggling an awful lot with executive function. You know, that thing that your brain has that gives you the ability to get out of bed and the drive to do things. It's kinda a depression thing and kinda not, anyone can struggle with this, some people never do! For me, it's the reason I've only managed to release 3 albums worth of music, and why so many projects fall by the wayside.

I need to relinquish control of the things that are stopping me from working, put them in more capable hands, and focus on me, and if that means taking a back seat on some of the projects i'm tangentially involved in then so be it.

I know I can work on music, and so do they, and we know we can do amazing things together, but until I manage to get things put back together enough to be of any use to them, I'm deadweight.

So here's the challenge. Release Gears Vol. 2 this month. If I can manage that then I know I'm not a hopeless case. It'll put me in a mindset and get me off the ground again.

That means focusing on this here page more as well. Expect a lot of updates, a lot of cross posting, and an awful lot of just blasting this shit in everyone's faces. Apologies.

I need this for me. I hope you'll like what I make for you. A WIP of the first track, The Unabated Rage, is up on Soundcloud, please check it out.