It's About Character
Someone who worked late last night had to be back early this morning, so I got a less than fully desired early start on the day and uploaded Verse Three, Chapter One:  The First Multiverser Novel; Chapter 60, Kondor 20.  It marks the end of a section for Joe, as he transitions to something new and for him unexpected--but everything for him has been unexpected, so maybe that's not quite so new.  Then I also the behind-the-writings bit as web log post #39:  Character Futures, covering these past six chapters in which all three characters move toward plans for the future.  The picture there is one of Jim Denaxas' sketches from The First Book of Worlds, and the guy who is not Robin Hood is modeled on one of my first Multiverser players (and before that AD&D player), Bill Friant the Friendly Giant.

I have a draft of the web log post on cover value in Multiverser, but I'll proof it later today and post it tomorrow.