Hey n'y'all, it's that time of the month again! 

First of all, I wanted to thank you so so SO much for your continued support. It really does mean the world to me, and I wouldn't be able to maintain drawing art at my current rate without it.

Second, I'm shuffling around tier prices and rewards, so please make sure to read over your section! I don't want anyone caught unawares. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

$1+ TIERS: Behind the Scenes Posts

I hope you enjoyed the sketchbook tour video! I want to do more video posts in the future, since I think they give you more bang for your buck.

In addition to more sketchbook tours, I was considering trying my hand at a speedpaint, or perhaps give a rundown and explanation of the art supplies I typically use. If there's something you'd really like to see a video of, let me know!

$5 TIER: "Thank You" Post

I sort of dropped the ball on you all this past month, and I'm very sorry. That being said, I want to make sure I actually do a thank-you post this month! So please comment with the name/username/link you'd like to be credited as when I do that. 

$15 TIER: One-Panel Commission

I've been doing some thinking, and this is the LAST month I will be offering the one-panel commission tier at this price. 

I decided on the $15 price tag when I was still very new to doing commissions, and wasn't confident in my ability to deliver a satisfactory product. Now that I've gotten more of a sense of things, I'm going to be raising the price to $25 per panel. I'll be updating my tumblr commission post with this price as well.

I COMPLETELY understand if you don't want to raise your pledge to keep receiving monthly commissions. Thank you so much for your support so far! And if you have input on what you feel is a fair commission price, please let me know! However, if you're a big spender that's been craving bigger and better commissions, keep your eyes peeled! I'm going to be reopening tiers for multiple-panel commissions sometime soon...

$30 TIER: Physical Sketchbook Page

This is going to be the LAST month I offer this tier. 

Unfortunately, I just don't feel like I'm doing you justice for the amount you're paying. Choosing a sketchbook page to send away forever gives me a LOT of anxiety, and as a result, I haven't been sending out rewards in a timely manner. It's not fair to you, so I'm discontinuing this tier. I'm very sorry.

However, I will be adding options that let people order a commission PLUS physical page of their commission, so please let me know if anyone would be interested in that! If you've purchased previous commissions, I'd be happy to discuss including them for no extra cost.