It's April!
That's right folks, it is April!  I didn't have the time over the weekend to make much of a hullabaloo over Starlight's anniversary, because I was out of town.

Progress is steadily being made on Callust (on Chapter 5 at least) so I've switched gears slightly to work on getting down a chapter of Mending Hearts.

However, I did want to sit down and talk about a book contest!  I want to try something a little different for this one.  Instead of randomly selecting a winner from this one, I'd like to see you guys flex some of your creative juices just a bit.  Just something small, and you can post it in the comments here (or google doc share me whatever), of whatever you want to write!

You guys have until the end of this month to do this, and I will be selecting the winner on May 1.

The prize is, of course, a full set of Starlight.  If you already own a set, you can submit an entry still for fun, but will ultimately be ineligible for the set (since I like to make sure people who haven't yet gotten a set get theirs).

Anyways, looking forward to reading your submissions!

- V