Commands and Twitch Things

This month I have added a few commands for Patreons!

  • !P2W
  • Pay 2 win is a little joke named command, it is like !greed but can be used every 30 minutes and pays out much more!
  • !Quote
  • The quote system has been long underused... While others need to request a quote be added... simply type !quote add (text) and your quote will be added to the mix.

Other Goodies

  • Song requests:
    Patrons can have more songs in the queue as well as no 0 buck cost to request them.
  • Double the beard bucks:
    Patrons will receive twice the amount of beard bucks while active in chat.
  • Higher luck:
    in all chance based activities you will have a higher change to win. This includes the Basement Shenanigans mini game as well as all giveaways in twitch chat.

Just reply to this post and I will set all your twitch stuff up on my end!

October Scare-fest Information

It is getting close to that time of year and Halloween will last ALL of October again this year! October will be dedicated to playing wonderfully scary games (and maybe some not so wonderful ones too!) The 2016 Scare-fest will include much of the same great things from the first... with a few new and upgraded things!

  • Games:
  • I really hope that Outlast 2 is out in time for this years scare-fest! There are also games that I did not get to finish like Pineview Drive and Rake that I will be tackling again this year. Newly acquired games like The Hat Man, Killing Floor and Castle Miner Z are all on my list as well. An addition to this years festivities will be the random selection of games from time to time for me to play!
  • Giveaways:
  • The weekly giveaways will be back (and bigger) but with a new twist!
  • Scare me!
  • You will have the opportunity to try to scare me with silly, scary, creepy sound effects. The !scare command will make its return for all the great Patreons!

Minecraft Patreon Server

I would like to announce that I am working on Minecraft server that should be up in the next few months. We have been working on this behind the scenes for about a month now, looking at the options and figuring out how things should go. In short I want this server accessible to as many people of my community as possible. While the server is worked on everyone is encouraged to make suggestions on the types of things they would like to see in our community server.

Lets build some amazing things together!