It's been an awesome few days so far #cycling #mattyandannika
Hey gang! So sorry to be so quiet at the moment, I've just been pedaling so much that when I'm not pedaling I've been resting.

Each day lately I've been working on recovery with my foot and leg, however no matter what I'm doing the pain seems to stay; it hasn't kept me from riding as I keep pedaling through the pain. Each time I ride it's a progression from the ride before, I'm seeing the results as I'm becoming faster and stronger.

Yesterday I rode 160 miles total and even through yesterdays ride my leg and foot were by the end of the day in so much pain it was difficult to walk after the 2nd ride. I plan on resting a little this morning before tonight's stream to try and give it a little bit of a rest, hopefully all will be fine.

Huge hugs and thanks goes out to Kat2Cycling, UniformedGaming, BrokenHipShot, IDontStreamOnTwitch, ToddClemm1, and RichieWheels on Twitch for being such awesome supporters during our streams. Also we cant forget the awesome support and sponsors:

Have an awesome day everyone and we will see you in the stream.