It's been awhile, finally had my procedures done
Should hear in a couple weeks of what's going on, and what steps to take to hopefully getting the stomach to feel better. 

Sorry for not updating more often, I think about it, and think about it. Clearly not doing it.

After a few job interviews, I got a job. 1 year and almost a whole month since I was let go from my previous position because of lack of being there due to health issues, including mental health.

Check out the IG link for the gallery of photos<3 

Convo with my girlfriend. 

I had waited all weekend for her last weekend to hear from her. We have another hurdle, her phone broke. That's the second phone to break in a year!

She has so many people she has to payback on her first payday to pay for the loans she got from friends to pay for her hospital bill.

I told her to save some money for her to have money for food, but she's so worried about paying them all back.

I hate having her so stressed, and then lack of nutrition on top of it just has me worried. It's gotten her sick in the past.

Having both Dengue and Thyphoid and being in the hospital so long without having insurance, as she was inbetween jobs at the time really racked up the debt.

She walks 2.5 hours one way to work from her place. She had to sell her scooter from her first hospital visit in February, to pay rent.

There isn't anything I can do now, as I don't get paid for a couple weeks, and even then I have my bills to pay -_-.

Rupert needs to be registered (my car), need gas to get to work, money for food, and I also borrowed money from family to take care of things.