It's been a long time.
Well, as you might have known, I've been getting more and more busier. That's never a good thing, especially with wanting to work on Dimensional Pockets, ES2, and of course, the forgotten, Thaumic Pipes. So, I'm proud to announce that I've take some time and updated Thaumic Pipes. It now works perfectly* with Alchemical Constructs, as well as a lot of behind the scenes stuffs. It's going to run a lot smoother, and less CPU intensive, with more optimizations to come. Next on the list is Dimensional Pockets. Redstone is a must, and once that is done, I'll see about adding support for various mods. And once I've done that, or just get fed up with it, ES2 is always there for me to do. I've got a fairly large list to do, so hopefully in the coming days/weeks, I'll be able to do it all. With exams around the corner, this is going to be a hell of a ride. Enjoy it. ;)