It's Been A While, Hasn't It
It feels like I've done this before, sadly. So, I've moved twice within the past year, and I'm now in Nashville and have a steady job. Unlike my previous job, which wiped me out enough I was falling asleep within an hour of getting home, my current job affords me plenty of opportunities to write while on the clock. In light of that, you can hopefully expect much more frequent updates from me. However, I do need to get back up to speed, and I've tweaked something about paid updates. Paid posts for now will be a minimum of 1 page of poetry or 2000 words of prose. As I get back into the habit of writing daily (something I've sorely missed) and get my output back up, I'll see about bumping those minimums back to where they used to be. Speaking of paid updates, one should be coming quite soon, so keep an eye out. See you soon!