It’s been a while!
Here’s an update and a new (old) High-res illustration for the $5+ backers.

I know it’s been rather quiet from my side for these last few weeks, so here’s an update:

Freelance work interrupted the development for a while, which can be annoying but is still necessary at the moment (something something pay food and rent)

It wasn't all bad though, after coming back I took some time to reanalyze where I was and if I’m still going in the right direction. Which in short is: Mostly yes...

The previous build was based on an endless runner (which was still in there and accessible). But it turned into a base building, hexagon project. For me, these two things can and should co-exist in the same world and even in the same project. But the code base got very messy, since it wasn’t created with the explicit plan to support the new and rather more fundamental functionality I had in mind.

Trying to get back into it after a short break made me realize that some of the core elements I wanted to achieve weren’t solved yet, but many others that were less important were.

So, I’ve started a clean project and I’m now solving the major parts first. I will merge the other elements in later, on a framework that actually supports it. I figured out a lot of things in the prototypes so far, I know how I’m going to solve the graphics (vectors with SVGImporter!), hexagonal building and action/behaviour systems. Even the mechanics for the endless runner(flyer) that will be in there someday.

I’ve gotten some questions on how far along I am and if it’s almost ready for release.

The answer here is: Having started rebuilding it, no, not quite. But I also don’t see this project as a rush project.

I prefer to make a base version which is interesting, put that out there, and keep working on it to add functionality and more things to the world.

So I expect the first (and very basic) version to be out there in a month or 2 (fyi: I got to this number by thinking about it for around 3.21 seconds - so it might be off by a few weeks). From that point on, it will be updated and improved with input from the community rather than just my own reflection.

For everyone who is supporting this: Thank you!

For the 5+ supporters, I hope you enjoy the illustrations!