It's Coming Finally!

It's coming, it's coming! We have gone this whole winter so far with only a dusting of snow to show for it. I am ready for some good snow! Some people think of it as the white death, but as long as I don't have to get out in it, it is great to watch it fall, see the beauty of fresh fallen snow cover over even the trashiest yards, blanketing it all. I love to sit and listen to the snow fall. That slight little crinkle as it falls and grows.

I love the way my boots crunch on top of it. The stillness of millions of individual flakes drifting down to form the white landscape. Let it snow!

For now, the weather forecasters are saying we will get between 1-3 inches, but we might get none or a boatload, you never know. So, while everyone is out buying all the bread and milk, we are fully stocked, have heat and lights so if the power goes out we can be fine.

If you are getting snow, or have snow, be careful out there. It might be beautiful but it can also be deadly. Take it slow and arrive safely. How much snow do you have where you live?