Traditionally, I don't really hit hard on the E3 note. It's relevant to my job, but at Massively it's not the biggest deal, and it involves a lot of catching up on fragmented reports if you're not at the show itself. Pageantry and nonsense, by and large. But this year, since I had the time and opportunity to keep up with the revelations in real time, I thought it would only be fair to actually address this stuff. I don't go out of my way to be topical, but I don't reject it when it comes knocking. Oddly, my favorite part of the whole piece is the stinger at the end. Next to that... it's an interesting and mixed bag. Nintendo had great stuff on display that's not due out for another year, which makes it come down mostly to speculation. Sony and Microsoft continued on the same trajectory. EA has a lineup of solid stuff, but what I want to see now is what I wanted to see before E3, and... well, why am I saying all this here? You can read the article. Hope you enjoy!