It's Finally Complete

The Vagary  of Fire finished. I  think. For real.

A simple 3rd party adventure that took way too long to  produce for what it is. In any case, it should be released within a day or three. Why not release it now? Well, I just have to finish up a couple things. Getting social media setup, maybe arranging some PR, and also because it’s late as hell and I feel just a bit weird releasing it sometime past midnight. I’d say it’d be out tomorrow but I have a commitment that will probably eat up all day.

In any case, thanks to everyone who helped make this possible. Hopefully I will be able to continue to produce more RPG content for everyone soon. With my layout in place, it shouldn’t take as long to create future adventures, although I’m still experimenting with finding a short form format.

Please share this post if you’d like me to make more games. I will be posting  information on how and where you can get this in a couple days (at most)  for absolutely free!

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