It's FINALLY Ready! Gather's First Edition of Seasonal Wildcrafting and Herbal Cookery!
Hello Gather Patrons! The Gather Victoria E-Cookery Book (Midsummer Edition) is here just in time for Summer Solstice! In it you'll find recipes for Wild Garlic Midsummer Cheese, Latvian Herb Dip, Nettle Seed Crackers, Rose Petal Pesto, Rose Petal Cucumber Salad, Rhubarb Rose Compote w/ Coconut Chia Pudding, Wood Sorrel & Garlic Scape Soup, Wood Sorrel Cream Tarts, Linden Blossom Cordial, Linden Blossom Syrup Cake, Mahonia Berry Syrup and Mahonia Berry Bubert! 

This is a rough draft preview of what will eventually become part of a larger Gather Victoria Cookbook. Here I work out the kinks, learn the darn book software - which is taking me forever.  But meanwhile as Gather Patrons at the $5.00 level, you'll get access to the recipes.  Please forgive the typos and bad layout, I'm learning. But I wanted to get these out to you NOW. Let me know what works, what doesn't - what you want to see more of. 

I'll be adding more recipes to this e-book in July, so it is a work in progress. There will be Wild Mustard & Gruyere Tart w/ Mugwort Honey,  Wild Fennel Pollen Potato Stacks, Dandelion Gnocchi, Vegan Honeysuckle Meringues, Oregon Grape Berry & Lavender Chocolate Chia Pudding - and more!  I'll let you know when the updated version with new recipes is up! 

You'll find the PDF link to the e-cookbook in the locked post above, titled E-Book Link: Wildcrafting The Culinary Magic of Midsummer. 

And for Gather subscribers at the $3.00 dollar level I haven't forgotten about you. Gather Diary coming soon! 

Meanwhile thanks to all of you for your patience. And THANK-YOU so very, very much for your support! 

Happy Summer Solstice & Midsummer Blessings to you all.