It's gonna get expensive :/
Patreon announced a shift in who is paying for the fees caused by monetary transaction come Dec 18th.

Up until now creators received your pledge minus the fees and were quite happy to receive money from you at all. This will change now, that Patreon wants you to pay those fees in addition to pledge instead of deducting it from the payout for creators. The article I linked above details this a bit more including the numbers.

I both am a creator and a supporter of other creatives. I don't like this change at all and I understand if you can't afford than what you signed up for in the first place. Many of us are in financial situations that don't leave much wiggle-room.

For now, I decided to pause pledges in January to give you more time to think about this change and what it means to you.  (I will keep posting throughout January, though.) 

I'll be deeply flattered if you decide to continue supporting me, but I understand if this change means that you can't keep it up.