It's a Good News / Bad News / Good News sandwich
Spikey Bits nation check this out!

Growing pains are good (but they are still a pain).

First off let me just say right up front so there is no confusion, if you are a supporter on Patreon you will only get billed for 20 videos this month.

I just revamped our video publishing schedule for this month, and WHOA is it going to get hectic!

With all the new 40k releases this week, plus hot Adepticon reviews, we will probably produce around 30 videos this month.

Now that being said, that is about 10 more videos than what become our "normal" workload here over the least few months of growth, (which we hope you are enjoying by the way).

We've always said what we do here isn't about the money, but it takes money to do what we do. Plus we'll never "hold the hobby hostage", so if we gotta work harder and only get support for 20 videos in April - that's just the way it's going to be!

Take a look at the revised Schedule for this month's video features and see what's on the way from us, soon!

Week 2

5 X-Wing Battle Report (Uboats Vs Movie Poe)

6 40k Flashback #5

7 Horus Heresy Legion Red Book Changes (tips & tactics)

8 WD #116 Review

9 New Angels of Death Review & Psychic Cards

10 Crimson Slaughter Review

11 Black Legion Review

12 New Space Marine Box Sets & 30th Anniv figure Unboxing

13 New Chaos Space Marine Box Sets Unboxing

14 New Index Astartes (Codex Apocrypha) Unboxing

Week 3

15 SW Armada Inside the Mind Battle Report #2

16 40k Flashback #6

17 Tips and Tactics Angels of Death Pt I

18 New Unboxing TBD (FW or 40k)

19 Super Secret new game product play and review

20 New Unboxing TBD (FW or 40k)

21 WD #117 Review

22 Kromlech Products Review

23 X-Wing & Armada Acrylics Upgrade review

Week 4

24 X-Wing Battle Report

25 40k Flashback #7

26 Tips and Tactics Angels of Death pt 2

27 WD #118 Review

28 New Unboxing TBD (FW or 40k)

29 New Unboxing TBD (FW or 40k)

30 Im sure GW will suprise us more...

Now if you know someone that would enjoy supporting what we do here, and love some free swag every month back for helping us, then please share our Patreon page with them.

I feel like if we can get to our next milestone of $750 by the end of the month I can handle swing release workloads like this month a little easier, AND starting doing more "hobby rants" and unboxings of other great hobby products as well - all while only getting support for the 20 videos a month structure that we're promoting now.

Yup you heard right, after 20 videos a month the rest will be free!

So long story short, this month there will be like 10 more than normal videos, however no one will pay a dime more in support this month past the normal 20 videos a month rate!

Once again from the bottom of my heart than you for keeping it real, and helping us bring hobby back for everyone!

-Rob and the Cats!