Hi, Patreon supporters. I’m making some changes, and I think/hope/pray they’re changes you’re happy with. Some of them won’t be all that relevant. Others are about me doing content more often. And then there’s another one, one that I’m conflicted on, but hoping to do great with. As for the games you asked me to write about: sorry it’s taken me so long. The first request I received was for Doom. I intended to play it over my break. Something happened in late December that required $2,500 worth of dental surgery, and I may need more. Unfortunately, that, plus my other health issues, severely limited my ability to write, or even play games, for the month of January. I was finally able to get writing again, and I had to prioritize my freelance work. First, I’m fixing some outdated stuff--y’know, like my “help me survive December/January!” tier. Don’t need that one anymore, because, obviously, I have survived December and January. My school check finally came, and while I spent most of that on my surgery (and will be for several months), and I bought some new equipment that should help me out. Second, I’d like to offer a better idea of the things I’m actually spending money on. This surgery? It was pretty expensive. I’ll be spending more or less all of the Patreon funds on paying off the surgery while trying to scrape by on my job, food stamps, and freelance pay. But things are going to change: when I can, I’ll be using that money to buy a 3DS, for instance. I’ve received many requests to write about 3DS games, but, not owning one, have had to decline. I’m not quite sure how I’ll do this, but I’d like to be like “hey, this is what I wanna spend my Patreon money on,” and when I do, I’d like to let you know I got it. I want a 3DS, so that’ll go on a list that supporters can access. When I obtain it, I’ll let you know as well. Third, I’m planning to set up a blog explicitly for my Patreon stuff. Why? Because ForgetAmnesia is a hybrid of personal rambling, news on my latest stuff, and my games writing. I feel like my supporters deserve a clean blog dedicated to just the games content. It’s a way for me to organize all this stuff in my head. This blog is called The Gonzologist. ForgetAmnesia will still index my latest stuff. The Gonzologist will focus on my Patreon-specific content. I will still use @ForgetAmnesia on twitter as my personal handle, but I’ll also have @TheGonzologist over there to alert you to updates for the blog, in case you miss them. Oh, and, for what it’s worth, I may start doing videos. That’s actually going to be a new tier on Patreon. Which brings me to the fourth point: I like discussing games with other people. Additionally, I’ve had to explain to numerous friends and fans that the single most important element required to get a job writing about games is having a good portfolio. I could stand to strengthen mine, and I know plenty of people who could benefit from the same. The problem with individual blogs is that it is often challenging to get any sort of audience, which can result in an “I’ve never heard of you” from editors. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that editors like to hire people that they’ve heard of; few have the time to go read the blog of someone they’ve never heard of. I think a collaborative blog might help alleviate those concerns. All of us have a unique selection of Twitter followers. Some people aren’t following you, but they are following me, and vice versa. If you write a blog post, and we share the same blog, I’m more likely to tweet about you when the blog has been updated. Plus, there may be people who follow the blog itself, and thus get updates from all of us. So… it seems like it could be a cool tool to help more people get their voice out there and get discussion started. You, as Patreon supporters, would be supporting my writing and curation of this blog. At this present time, I don’t have the capability to spread my Patreon support out amongst other writers. I’m thinking of having an index for each individual writer, so if anyone wants to post their Patreon, they can. As it stands, it’s more or less a shared portfolio that I’ll be running. If this concerns you, please let me know. I’m on pretty unfamiliar ground right now. I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t know how it’s all going to work out, much less whether it will work out at all. I’m doing something I hope will benefit a great number of people. Fifth, and finally: videos. Working on it. Will need some big equipment changes to make it all happen, however. I was just getting started making them when declining health happened and freelance work picked up, but now I think I’m in a position to make them happen. We’ll see. So, to recap: Basic maintenance and new goals Improving accountability, listing resources I plan to obtain with the Patreon funds, New, Patreon-specific blog This blog might become a collaborative experiment Videos are definitely going to happen. Thank you guys for helping me keep a roof over my head.