Hey pals!  I just wanted to say thank yooooooou so much for hitting the podcast goal with me!  The fire has been set under my ass to get the ball rolling, and I hope to have at least something for everyone to listen to next month.  I have a whirlwind of ideas and I really want to turn that into an avalance of content.

I've been doing more writing as of late.  I have a pretty long & intense story that I've been working on all day which I'll share here when I have a version of it im happy with.  

I don't have anythin else to really say right now!  Stream has been great, things with me have been good - No wrenches thrown in the gears of moving my life forward with moving and all that, so everything is just smooth sailin' at the moment.  

Sunday Chat!!! 6pm!!!  Discord Crew!!!  

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