It's Like a Forest
I was experimenting with two different things with this comic. First was the info-graphic in the top left corner. I saw one on the box for the nasal strips, and it did kinda tell the beginning of this story in a way, so I just swapped out my face when I redrew it for the comic. Maybe I should call the people who made my nasal strips and tell them they can put this comic on the backs of their boxes. That'll really move some units. Haha! The second thing I was messing with was the detail against the cartooning. This is often problematic. Fine detail and realistic textures often denies stylization, which is why I don't like newer computer animated movies. There is dissonance between all the realistic visual information and the stylized visual information that I find unpalatable. Like, realistic pores on the face of a man whose head is so disproportionate to his neck that it would snap off... it just takes me out of the narrative. So, I wanted to see if I could do it right I guess. (also worthy of note, I spell "forest" wrong, and I can't fix it because this blog tool isn't the greatest. Oh well, it's unfiltered and unedited! It's not a problem, it's a feature!)
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