It's like a halted progress bar!
Well, that's how everything feels like. One team member of Non-Binary Games has now got a week to move out of their place and the other is in end-of-degree crunch time. Pretty much leaving me to my own devices. Which is kinda not bad but also kind of "guys I'm trying to make some money here...crap." Hopefully, I'll get a chance in early June to put all 3 of us in the same place, so we can nail down some details together. Otherwise, I'm trying to work on my own stuff, but I think I'm only going to get one out of the three games I aimed for released this month. Meritocracy (Compsci parody game) is the most likely to get finished. The first episode of Past Reality is getting delayed because I'm having trouble finishing the first character trio's designs. Hero Tamagotchi is getting delayed due to me struggling to use Construct 2 and GameMaker, plus struggling to get all the assets out in time.