It's March! An Update of Sorts
Hey everyone!

It's spring, and normally this would be a good time for my channel to experience a rebirth, but it's just simply not ready for that yet.

First of all, I'm still trying to best determine when and how to resume my channel at this point in time. I do plan on starting a new channel specifically for gaming only and turning the current channel into an IRL channel, but naming the new gaming channel has proven to be tricky. The current channel will become Davey In Real Life and be focused on vlogs and real life activities. Kracker Gaming will cease to exist, although I'm going to continue to use the daveycracker name, although I'll most likely just refer to myself as Davey.

Ultimately I'm still holding out hope that I can put together a more powerful gaming PC in the next 6 months, at which point I will DEFINITELY move forward with the plans of a new channel with a new name and so on. I'm even willing to consider paying someone to help with graphical art (as I've proven my skills are PISS poor), but I need to come up with a direction.

Why not restart sooner since my laptop is capable?

Well, anyone with a toddler might understand what is going on right now. At this point in time, my daughter, who turns 3 in a couple of months, has decided of late she's going to stay up late, as in midnight late. Given that my typical gaming/recording time was around 10:30-11pm after she went to bed until around 1am or so, at which point I'd go to bed. Now the time is pushed back and I'm simply too tired to get started on anything.

The plan is to start pushing her to an earlier bedtime and reintroduce her to her bed (she's been sleeping with her mother in her bed) so that she's in bed and asleep by 10 again, but I have NO idea how long that's going to take as she FREAKS when you try to put her in her own bed. Since she shares a room with her 6 year old sister, this presents another challenge as waking the older sister is not optimal.

Eventually I will be moving out of the current apartment and be back on my own, which will mean that much of the week will be open at one point or another to work on things, but the downside of course is less time with my daughter. I don't know when this is going to happen, but it will happen. If I get an opportunity to work on something before then, I will certainly take it, but I can't promise anything, so it's still very understandable if people are unwilling to support my cause at this point.

Once I do resume, I have plenty of ideas though. Here is a brief list of what I plan to do:

 * A new playthrough of Ori and the Blind Forest as the deluxe edition is about to be released which includes new content to expand the story.

* A new series called "Davey Talks" where I talk about any number of subjects. This will be posted primarily in the IRL channel unless it's gaming-related, where it will also be posted on the gaming channel.

* Semi-regular vlogs (aka Davey IRL vids) with updated video equipment (hoping to get an actual decent camera for vlogging purposes).

* Quick look type videos where I look at a game that's been in my steam/xbox library for some time (yes xbox as I have a Live Gamer Extreme now).

* A return to Minecraft now that there's a TON of new content. This may or may not include new tutorials, but I may stick with the new stuff as the older stuff has been done to death.

* One additional series at a time only of a game I know I can complete.

* Stream content will also be recorded in the future and then uploaded to YouTube, but still working out how I want to do that. Some games are just great for streaming and if I can edit it up and toss it up on YouTube, that's a bonus.

I don't want to get crazy, but I do want to do some regular stuff on YouTube and stream once to twice a week (more if I can). But again, we're still a few months away from that even being possible. Patron support can help get me there faster of course, but I can understand the hesitation on supporting my sporadic uploads.

In any case, I hope you all have a great spring and sorry this dragged on so long. I'll be posting my two most recent YouTube videos on here shortly so keep an eye out for those!