it's may! when did that happen?!
hey all! 

just a brief update to let you know that i'm going to be sending out the reward emails as soon as the last few backers clear. so start thinking of what you'd like!

i used google forms last month, and for the most part that worked out really well, so i'll continue doing it. i've got some feedback on how to improve them and implemented it, too. BUT if you can't use the form for some reason, you're always welcome to contact me the old-fashioned way about your reward. 

in the interm, i'm just trying to socialize the new cat (luna) with ren. both of them are afraid of eachother and both of them are wimpy puffballs. right now luna has the guest room, and i'm hoping to get her to put on some weight. she's nothing but skin, bones, and one reaaaaaaaally long tail. oh yeah, and snugglin'. lots of snugglin.

anyhoo, thank you all for your support. your backing has made a significant difference in quality of life for me, and i really hope you're enjoying what you get out of it. 

see you soon with notes on the next page!