It's Me, Scully
Hi, metal friends! Welcome to the second update of 2017. I hope you're all settled into the new year, and being the delicious ray of joy that the world needs right now.

If you didn't hear, 70+ people lost their jobs over the holidays with Metal Hammer Magazine, and that sucks pretty bad. 

Sadly money rules everything, and without cash, things stop working. Your dollars matter, so make sure some of them are going towards good people. Start with some of the people you follow on Twitter. Follow their Bandcamp links, if they're an artist, buy their work, if they're a writer, get their address or PayPal link and throw them a few bucks!

Next Week's Questions

Monday: Happy birthday to the founding guitarist of Led Zeppelin.

Tuesday: HBO has 'True Detective,' but Dallas, TX has the metal trio known as True _____.

Wednesday: The new Deep Purple album 'InFinite' resembles whose logo? 

Thursday:  MOMENT OF METAL #216 , hmmm something from 1987... something about wrecking hi-tech gadgets.

Friday: 'Land of Snow and Sorrow' - Minnesota in February, but also a track this Finnish band's 2012 album.


Been tripping out to RAIME's 'Tooth,' which I found via Apple Music's experitmental genre page. It came out last year and I missed it, of course, since there were like 3092384 albums that came out every week. That said, it's some dark electronic tunes, which is perfect for the cold, harsh winter. 

Have a great week, everyone!

- Seth


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