It's my birthday! Shower me with money!
I'm turning 45 today - Looks like that SOB Kirby has me beat.

But there's still hope, right? 

Not far from the truth, Princess. And it goes against my grain to be here with my palm out begging for alms so I console myself that this is more of a WIN = WIN situation. I hope you think so too!

So my birthday wish is to have a few more kind and generous souls join me here on my Patreon. In return I will provide you with exclusive comics, videos, process stuff, news, give aways, my personal blog, art discounts and more for only pennies a glass! 

Patreon has been a really amazing means for an indie artist like myself to dedicate time and resources to the work that means the most to me. The more support I have here the less time I must spend hustling for freelance jobs that filp between fun and soul crushing. And the more support I have here, the more content I can provide to my supporters!

So let's kick it off this WIN=WIN arrangement! Every and all Patreon supports this month will be entered into a draw for this action packed,  signed, original art page from Powerpuff Girls #3 (written and drawn by yours truly)!

Good luck, and a big thank you to all my Patreon supporters; old and new! Honest and truly I thank you so much for being here. :)

Okay, enough with the PBS fund drive spiel and back to drawing comics, regardless of my age.