It's My Birthday Week! Let's Talk About Some Things!
I am relieved and overjoyed today. My Patreon is making progress, I am making progress, and it's the month of April. So here's the rundown of where I am right now: 

First off, thank you so very much to Frances KR and Noah Leigh for getting me to my present amount. Every little bit helps not only to keep your friendly neighbourhood Brandon watered and growing, but encouraged to continue working. 

Things were a little tight for a moment, but this is a good place to be, and I hope to see it grow even further so I can make even more content for you all - especially since I have my second serial idea in the outline stage. If I get to my $650 goal, the first season of that will be ready to go whenever. I can't wait to get started on that one, too! (If we even start getting close to that goal, I may even give you a hint :p)

Other things that have gone on in my creative life include: 

But if it's The Swan And The Snake you're looking out for, expect Part Three to be up for patrons early of next week, and available on the site next weekend. What awaits the gang in Room 212? Wait and see! (If you haven't read up to know what's coming, you can do so here!)

Also, it's my birthday week. I'm telling you on the 2nd, so you know it's no April Fools 'joke'. So if you want to give me a present for my birthday, throwing some coins my way doesn't hurt - although sharing this page, or The Swan And The Snake, or my other work, makes for a fine gift to me as well! 

Love & Light,