It's nearly time.
I can hardly believe we are so close!  I met this week with the team at Legacy, and we are within weeks of launching the first pilot run of the Healing Art Cart program in the Oregon Burn Center there.  

We are still only about 20% funded for the full program, but we made the collective decision to move forward with the funds we have while we continue applying for grants and seeking donations to pay for the whole program.  We will start by serving 4 rooms with 11 images - pictured here are the smaller sample prints that we will use to let patients choose what they want. 

I can't wait to begin!  I know it will be intense to see first-hand the suffering that follows a major burn injury, but I am thrilled and honored to be able to offer the soothing impact of my artwork in person to these patients. 

Thanks to all of you for being involved!  Your support on Patreon keeps me going, both financially and emotionally, as I do the hard work to make this program a reality. 

Stay tuned!