It's a New Year! This is a long post!
Hey Everybody!  2017 is now a reality, and in the spirit of "new year's resolutions" (which I make and try really hard to keep, every year), here's a post dedicated to reflection and new beginnings.

I've been here on Patreon since May2016, and admittedly I don't think I've been doing the best job. Keeping up with Patron rewards, both tangible and intangible, has been a challenge for me.  Sometimes I manage to do a great job, other months it's kind of rocky.  I want to do better job for all of my Patrons. 

With that in mind, I have done (or am about to do) a few things to make 2017 an amazing and rewarding year to be a Patron. 

1) For some reason, I never sent out rewards for November!  I have zero idea how that happened, and I'm so sorry!  For anyone who missed it, you'll be getting a double reward this month.

2) I'll be sending out Patron rewards the first week of each month (except this month, because there was a delay at the printer and I haven't got the necessary parts to assemble them yet!)

3) I have a new "Social Media and Patreon Schedule" that I'll be posting in a follow-up post to this one, which will be viewable by Patrons of all levels.  This is a weekly schedule that I will follow.

4) I'm going to do some re-wording of the tier descriptions on my front page.  This won't affect anything other than what the front page looks like, but I wanted to add some clarifications and specifics about each tier, because I think it's all a little bit vague right now. 

5) I'm making Patreon a huge priority.  I definitely have a hard time juggling stuff, and I am often really bad at reaching out.  I tend to just shrink when what I need to do is EXPAND, and talk out stuff and talk about ideas and present what I'm doing.  I think I'm such a perfectionist that I've been curating myself to death, only feeling like I should share just those perfect, finished things, and not really feeling comfortable being more raw and rough.  I want to really challenge my comfort zone about that, and not be afraid to let things get a little bit less than perfect in what I share!

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