It's not a log!
Hi everyone, I'm always trying to get better and over the last couple of days I tried totally changing how I work, this piece is really a practice run for working on Patreon pieces so would really appreciate your input.

Usually, as you know I do a very detailed pencil, then work on the values and then move on to colour, well I wanted to try something completely different, for me this is alien territory.

Above is the final piece, then I have a few step by steps to show you the process I used.

1. thumbnail sketch

2. I enlarged the thumbnail to around 1200 pixels high and sketched over the top to neaten it up a pit, it's still very rough.

3-4. now here it where things get crazy (for me anyway), still about 1200 pixels I throw in some basic colour.

5. I increase the file size to 2500 pixels high, and start painting in some very basic detail.

6. Now I've got a pretty good base I increase the file size to the full resolution 4901 pixels high (full page with bleed at 400 dpi) I start painting in more detail and texture.

7. More detailing, I decided I wanted him climbing out of a darker, more enclosed area so paint in vines in the background.

8. More detailing on the main character.

9. Painting in some foliage to give the image more depth.

Finished Image: I finish detailing and decide that the crocs head looks better without swamp water in his mouth.

Anyway, let me know what you think. This piece will be available as stock art to any who want to use it.