It's Now September! Here's a Quick Update~
Hey everybody!

Sorry for the radio silence! I promise I'm not dead, I just started a new semester at The University of Arizona, continuing my work towards my Bachelor's of Music in Composition! While taking 18 credits of school eats up a lot of my free time, I'm striving to not let the usual thing happen where bansheebeat hits a wall for several months as I slowly work on new stuff. 

I have a lot of new and exciting stuff in the works, with most of it either being in the preliminary draft stage or near completion. Hopefully I'll be getting some of it out there in the coming weeks!

I'm also slowly putting together blueprints for my follow up to "Techo Deluxe," and it looks like it's headed to some pretty out there and wild new territory for bansheebeat as a project, so I'm really excited to begin sharing info on that as we see it slowly take shape!

I'll have demos and previews, as well as exclusive news updates, here on my Patreon, so keep an eye out! As always, thank you for the support, and I'm very excited for you to hear what I'm cooking up~

Much love,