It's October! time to gift things

Happy October! Last month was the month I spent a bunch of money on envelopes, so this month is the month I start giving away physical things. I have spent the last several weeks figuring out for the first time ever how physical things work... and now I want them out of my life!! haha. But into yours, so that's good.

  • I have a limited number of 3''x3'' thrip stickers (shown above), which I don't really feel like selling! so I will be dispersing them to $5+ Patrons instead. I only have about 40 though, so I have to figure out a method that gets around the "no raffle" rule here, probably some kind of first-come-first serve deal for interested parties? virtual arm wrestling? attend a livestream and stump me with a riddle, sphinx-style? there has to be a fair way. I'll find it!!!
  • Also! I'm doing Inktober this year~ I need to get my inking arm back in shape for KS sketch rewards, so I'll be doing a tiny sketch* every day. There will ideally be 31 sketches available, so if you'd like a physical piece of art from me, I'll be finding a way to get those to a few lucky Patrons in the $5+ tiers as well. Stay tuned for more info~

In other news

  • Kickstarter rewards are going out very soon, starting with digital tiers. Because you guys are immaculate and pure, all $2+ Patrons will be receiving the wallpaper and all $10+ Patrons will receive the full PDF of the new book. I'll be posting those here a bit after they get out to Kickstarter backers, but this will all be distributed in October.
  • Our Sept tutorial is going up tomorrow night, along with another tutorial supplement rerun for $10+ backers to take advantage of if they haven't already. Oct tutorial will hopefully be on time this month!
  • And last, comic updates... I have spent pretty much every waking hour of the last 2 weeks focusing on the Meek book and editing it for beauty and excellence. I only get once chance to do this, which is why I disappeared briefly, and am ready to set myself on fire if I ever have to look at Chapters 1-3 ever again in my life. I am also dying to get back to my real updates. Word of advice: go back in time and explain to your past self not to flatten your comic art pages if you ever want to add color holds to anything, and also to ONLY WORK IN CMYK, holy mackerel. Anyways, we'll be back to updates early next week

OK that's enough for now! Feel free to question/ comment about anything at any time and please know I am working my ass off to make stuff for you, even if it doesn't seem like it ;__; I totally understand if anyone has had to lower or cancel pledges lately due to me being overwhelmed... I appreciate you all a lot and am doing my best to show it in the quality of everything I put out. Thanks for understanding this bumpy phase of me learning how to do so many things for the first time, and I can't wait to bring you more things to look at, and maybe even own <3



*every sketch will be a crab, I apologize in advance

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