It's official, I've pulled the trigger!
I've been sitting on the fence re. Patreon for several months now.  I created an account, but held off on launching it.  It's likely a little odd.  I play for tips all the time, and have no concerns about having people throw cash in a jar.  The idea of receiving pledges of support on a routine basis though, that's something special.  That means you really believe in the efforts I'm making, striving to constantly improve as a performer and a songwriter, while picking up extra supporting skills along the way.

GoFundMe, and Kickstarter are a bit odd to me as well, but people seem to do quite well at it from time to time.  However, I don't need a huge influx of cash for one enormous project.  I'm constantly writing songs, and need smaller infusions of revenue on a routine basis in order to bring those songs to life for more than the limited live audience I perform for.  That's where Patreon comes in.  

I didn't really get it until last yesterday, when during a broadcast, I heard Jack Conte (Pomplamoose member, and co-founder/CEO of Patreon) explain it in a way I hadn't heard. In a nutshell, he pointed out that until around 1900, the only way artists were getting paid was through patronage.  Suddenly, physical recordings became possible, and unit sales became the method in which artists were paid.  Now, unit sales have disappeared, as free downloads and streams have become the norm, and we're returning to a system of patronage.  You like something enough to lend your support in keeping that something alive, and so, you choose to become a patron at whatever level you choose, and thus, the arts are saved.

Despite staring at my Patreon page and wondering should I/Shouldn't I for some time, I'm finally live and going to be creating content.  I'm still figuring out the whole behind the scenes system, and how things work, but I'll be adding a backlog of free demo content as quickly as I'm able, in order to provide initial value, and get to work on creating content for the other tiers as well.  Thanks for your support, now it's time for me to get to work!