It's ok for men to cry (look, here's me doing it)
We reached the $500 milestone on Patreon!!! When it happened I was so overcome by emotion that I wept some very deep tears. My heart asked me to share the deep feelings this brought up for me, for reasons explained in the video. I use the word sadness in the video but obviously my tears in this case are pure emotional overflow: deep feelings of gratitude, love, acceptance and happiness...and yes, some sadness for the child still living inside of me who doesn't feel worthy of all this love. So here it is: me, as I am, baring my heart to you all. Namaste. All gratitude to my brother Joshua, sister Lucinda, my parents, you lovely nateives, my friends and everyone all over the world who supports what I do in so many different ways. I am grateful. Love Nathan
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